I was born on U.S. soil. 
Therefore I am an American. 
I was born into a christian family. 
Therefore I am a believer. 
I was born into a home in crisis. 
Therefore I am troubled. 
I was born as a bastard.
I was born below the poverty line.
Therefore I am in need. 
Therefore I lack identity. 
I was born into anger. 
Therefore I am spiteful. 
I was born into fear. 
Therefore I am unsteady. 
I was born under a Virgo sun. 
Therefore I am critical.
I was born in generation Y. 
Therefore I am detached.
I was born into a society
that predetermined my path.

But I am an anomaly.

I will transcend the statistics.
I will transcend my birth.
I will transcend my death.