I am what I am


I am what I am

We hear it all the time. Oh, I just have an anxious personality. I’m just an angry person. It’s not my fault, I was just born that way.

We accept this as reality, a softly spoken lie grafted into our psyche, telling ourselves this is just who we are. Unalterable. Just me. We embrace it, like we would our hair color or the hue of our skin. I am what I am. And if that keeps the world at bay, then so be it, I’ll remain, a martyr to my own perception.

You are not alone.

We all “believe” these truths as such. But you are not what the world has fashioned you to be. We all experience anger. Fear. Anxiety. Shame. Loneliness. Regret. Sadness. We have all bore witness to the power they appear to hold. But unlike those feelings, you will outlast.

Only you can decide if they will become you.

For the tendrils of those emotions run fathoms deep, rooted in the bedrock of your mind. Bound to those pivotal moments when life convinced you that you were what you were.


I am what I am.


You are who you want to be.

I am a happy person. Do I feel anger? Of course. Do I feel despair? Of course. I am human. It’s those feelings that help us communicate. But I realize they are just feelings. They are not who I am.

I am what I chose to be.